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Joy-of-Essence Aroma-massage

Module 3- Joy-of-Essence Aroma-Massage is an optional part of the Aromatherapy Certification Program and is taught in person in Gananoque, ON over a 5 day period.


Joy-of-Essence AROMA-MASSAGE TRAINING - Module 3

The “Joy-of-Essence” aroma-massage is a specialized massage treatment of the head and body inducing complete relaxation. Aromatic essential oils are applied during a massage that concentrates on the nerve centres of the back and the face.

An aroma-massage treatment is light, rhythmical and soothing. It is especially beneficial in relieving the effects of stress related complaints as it helps to balance the system and acts as a tonic to the flow of blood and lymph.

Learn these techniques for yourself with our intensive aroma-massage bodywork training course. Upon successful completion of the course requirements you may choose to establish your own practice or work with other health care or beauty professionals.

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