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Aroma-Massage Bodywork Training

Bodywork can only be taught in person - it is impossible to learn through correspondence. 


"The ancient art of using pure essences from flowers and herbs to promote beauty, health and well being."

Aroma-massage is a specialized essential oil treatment of the head and body that concentrates on the nerves centres of the back and face, inducing complete relaxation. This unique massage stems from Joy's years of educational and professional experience.

It is the combination of massage and essential oils that makes Aromatherapy so special and so effective.

Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of natural essential oils through inhalation and application through the skin.

It is a gentle, caring, hands on therapy that:

bulletinduces relaxation
bulletincreases energy
bulletreduces the effects of stress
bulletrestores lost balance to body, mind and soul
bulletincreases fluidity of blood and lymph

At Joyessence, an intensive bodywork course, with one on one instruction, is offered twice a year in the spring and fall or more often as warranted..

The training involves taking a case history, choosing and blending the oils, proper draping of the client and the aroma-massage which includes specialized massage techniques which combine Swedish, lymphatic drainage, pressure point and polarity techniques.

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Last updated on July 18, 2016